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Book Coach to new writers of 

memoir and historical fiction 

Historical novels walk a fine line between fact and fiction, so do memoirs.

We can’t put Annie Oakley on a camel and we can’t claim to be a Noble Prize winner (unless you are one). 

I’m a historical fiction author,  librarian,  archivist, and book coach. I’ve dug up documents that exposed the souls of historic figures, and coached memorists about how to protect the souls and reputations of those we love. 

As an author, book coach and oral historian I have the experience to guide you through your story.  But, book coaching is a personal relationship. While editors work with manuscripts, book coaches work with writers. I will walk every step of your journey with you. 

Book a complimentary call and to see if we’re a good fit for each other. 

Book Coaching

Editors work with manuscripts. Book coaches work with writers.

Book coaches are editors. We are project managers, mentors, critics, and when need be, we are task masters or cheerleaders. As your book coach, I will walk every step of your journey with you.

Is Coaching Right For You?

If you answer yes to any of the below questions then coaching could help get you on the right track to reaching your book writing goal. 

  • Have you stepped away from writing for too long and now feel stalled?
  • Do you have scenes that lack a clear point or narrative drive?
  • Do you feel like you’re working in a bubble and want a co-strategist?
  • Are you using research as an excuse to procrastinate?

  • Are you stuck in revision? Are you just plain stuck?

  • Are you a new writer finding your way?

Why work with me?

Dorothea Buckingham - Historical Book Coach

Because I’ve been there!

Sometimes you need to develop a new skill—whether it be playing pickleball or writing a book. You could try to teach yourself. You could map out a training program, and go it alone, or you can get a coach. Athletes have coaches. Even Bill Gates has a coach.

I’m a librarian, archivist, author, and certified book coach. I know the journey of writing a book both from experience and from professional academic training. I’m with your from the first spark of an idea the completion of the story–through the doubt, the craft, the discipline and the celebration!

You don’t have to do it alone.

I’ve helped authors from Hillary Clinton to MSNBC newscasters with research. I’ve also sat on the floor with fifth graders mapping out the plot points of their story on poster board. And I’ve helped Women of World War 2 Hawaii record their stories. 

I’ll be your co-strategist, your accountability partner, your sounding board and I will be honest, compassionate and invested in your story.


“All History is Story.” Ken Burns

History, whether it is a historical novel or the story of your life, must be a good story. As a book coach, my first commitment is to your story. As a librarian and archivist, my second commitment is to your research.  As an oral historian, I’ll guide you through your memoir so it reflects what you want to say, and the legacy you chose.

Writing historical fiction is both fiction and non-fiction. The world we create in is real. Writing memoir is writing the history of your life. Both tell the universal tales of the human condition. Both are viewed through your eyes.